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Books On Pianos

David Crombie, Piano: Evolution Design Performance

A beautifully illustrated documentation of the piano's 300-year evolution, presenting 200 photos of more than 150 instruments, each of which is thoroughly identified and described. Even a non-musical reader can't help but be entranced by the elaborate workmanship and variety of design exhibited in it.

Alfred Dolge, Pianos and Their Makers

Pianos and Their Makers: A Comprehensive History of the Development of the Piano

Daniel Mason, The Piano Tuner - a Novel

In 1886 London, married piano tuner Edgar Drake is requested by the War Office to travel to the jungles of Burma to tune a rare Erard grand piano which belongs to a Surgeon-Major who is credited with making peace in the war-torn Shan States. So begins a tale of myth, romance and self-discovery.

This book was dramatised on Radio 4 in March 2003.

T.E. Carhart, The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

At first glance, The Piano Shop on the Left Bank is simply an autobiography covering the author's blissful years in Paris. This is actually something much rarer and more original: an extended love letter to the piano...

The Rough Guide to the Piano

Written for the absolute beginner, who may not know what he or she is really looking for, but who knows that making and sharing music is important, this guide introduces the acoustic piano. It explains arcane jargon and attmepts to demystify the subject.

Aurthur Reblitz - Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding

This is one (probably the best) of the handful of standard texts on the subject. The text is profusely illustrated with black and white photographs which are very helpful.

Larry Fine - The Piano Book

Larry Fine does an outstanding job with explaining how to recognize quality in pianos and how to get the trade-off you are looking for.

George W. Booth - Pianos, Piano-tuners and Their Problems

Guides the reader through the diagnosis of a range of pianistic problems, as well as the problems inherent in many makes of piano. This is a technical handbook for the apprentice and expert alike, containing suggested improvements to the standard type of tuning taught in colleges.

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