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Song - A Revised Mary Had a Little Lamb

You played Mary Had a Little Lamb in lesson #6. Do you remember doing that? In this lesson, lesson #13, you'll play it in a totally different way. It'll be in a D Flat Major key signature. The time signature will be 5/4 and the rhythm will be completely different. Warning: this will be extremely difficult for beginnng students that have not yet completed the previous twelve lessons. If you have not already, please go through them before you come to this lesson. If you have already gone through them and exhausted their usefulness, you may still find this lesson pretty challenging. You will have to count through each measure, subdividing the beat. (1 e & a, 2 e & a, etc...) In this lesson, for the most part, you'll be on your own. I have not subdivided the beat for you the beat should be at the fastest tempo possible (this may not be that fast, especially if you have a slow computer). The number of flats in the key signature may discourage you. Don't let this happen! If you need further help, consult a more advanced musician. If that is not possible, email us and we might be able to help you online.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

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