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Intermediate Piano Rhythm


Sixteenth notes are pretty fast, especially if the tempo is quick. Sixteenth notes are half the length of eighth notes, so sixteen sixteenth notes can fit in a measure in a 4/4 time signature. (How many sixteenth notes can fit in a measure in a 3/4 time signature? Answer: 12 How many in a 2/2 signature? Answer: 16 How many in a 3/2 signature? Answer: 24)

In order to play sixteenth notes, we need to subdivide inside the beat even more. To do this, we say 1, e, &, a, 2, e, &, a, 3, e, &, a, 4, e, &, a, etc. Or, to pronounce it, we say one (two, three, or four), ee, and, uh. We must say ee, and, uh in between beats so that it'll fit in between the numbers. That'll be pretty fast, and when you're playing it on the key at the bottom of the screen, go ahead and slow down the tempo. Your browser and computer may not be fast enough to process several taps.

Try the above rhythm, and listen to the correct rhythm by clicking on the "Download MIDI File" image. It should be pretty basic stuff. After you feel a little comfortable, try the rhythm below.

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