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All About Notes

In this lesson you'll learn how to read notes and identify which keys on the keyboard you'll play.

In this lesson, you'll only deal with the white keys. These are called the natural keys because our ears are more or less accustomed to these keys. we will not concentrate on the the black keys, which are called sharps or flats or more generally, accidentals. You'll learn about these in a later lesson.

The digital keyboard on the bottom of your screen is only two octaves. You see how the keys repeat twice? On a traditional piano keyboard, you'll see seven of these repeats, or seven octaves.

Do you see the note "C" at the far left hand corner? This is the middle C. On a traditional piano keyboard you'll see this right at the middle of the piano. That's why it's called the "middle C". If you're looking at a music, the middle C will look like this. After you've looked at it, go ahead and try tapping the middle C.

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