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The C Major Scale

Okay, here's the second octave of the C Major scale. What you do here is just start on the second C, the higher C, on the virtual piano keyboard below. Notice how this C sounds the same, in pitch, as the middle C, only it's higher? That's why we call this the second octave.

But what use is the second octave if you don't combine it with the first to make a two octave scale? Let's do that right now...click "Next".

Wow, what are you supposed to do here? It's simple. Remember what you did in the first part of this lesson? Remember what you did in the second part of this lesson? Combine them so it's one scale, repeating itself. Also, it's a good idea to go down the scale as well, to complete it. That is, read the music backwards.

Okay now let's do the first octave in a tricky rhythm. Fun, huh?

Congratulations! You have just finished lesson #5! You're one-third of the way of become a decent beginning musician! GOod luck in the rest of your journey and continue to review lessons if needed!

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