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Your First Song - Mary Had a Little Lamb

Hey! This is a milestone for you! You'll be playing your very first song today! If you have gone through all the previous lessons, you've had enough knowledge to play Mary had a Little Lamb.

Do you recall what we did in the previous lessons? We learned rhythm, notes and the c major scale. In this lesson, you'll put all that together to make a song. That's simply what a song is - a bunch of notes put together in an organized fashion to create something pleasant to our ears.

If you don't remember how to read notes, this lesson will show you all the notes in letter form, along with the notes inside the staff. That way, if you didn't go over lesson #5 or if you didn't learn it all and need to refresh your memory, you can learn it again in a very easy way. Anyway, lets go ahead and learn how to play Mary had a Little Lamb. You'll enjoy it, I guarantee it.

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