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The following is a little harder because now you have to concentrate on rhythm and shifting. Most of the time, shifting is an improvisation. The first time, you probably won't get it the first time. Even experienced musicians sometimes have to put shift marks in their music to remind them where and when to shift. Try the following measures by yourself and find a shifting scheme that is easy and good for you. If you can't seem to get it, look at the text below the measures and see how I have laid it out for you. This is only my style, yours may be different and even more suited for your hands.

First, put your hand in standard position. Press the C (with your thumb), E (with your middle finger). Then shift and put your thumb on the F. Then play the B with your ring finger. After that, go ahead and play the A (with your middle) and the G (with your index). The shift down to standard position and play the C with your thumb and E with your middle finger. The shift back up and play the D with your thumb, the E with your index and the A with your pinky.

Look at the As that occur three times. If you followed my directions at the beginning of this lesson, you'll have to shift three times to reach that high A. However, it isn't necessary to do this because you aren't playing anything higher than the A. Thus, all you need to do is stretch your pinky finger a little higher to reach that A whenever it comes up. Click "Next" to play a harder music where you must decide whether to shift or not.

Think of this as a test with no real solution. You'll have to decide, with the music below, whether you should shift or not. Here's what I suggest you do. The first time around, forget the rhythm. Just practice your shifting. Then, once you have this down, add in the rhythm.

If you thought the way I did, you would not have shifted in the first measure, and would have in the second. Again, I emphasize that the way you shifted or not is totally up to you. It may be inefficient, but comfortable to you. That's what really matters.

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