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Piano Tabs

Lots of todays musicians cannot read music notes but are very good skilled players. Especially in music styles like: Pop, Jazz, Gospel musicians have become famous with their music. They often compose their songs using their ears.

To Play populair songs without sheet music you can choose to learn to play with what we call "piano chords" or "Tablature".

What is "Piano Tablature"?

Piano Tablature are piano notes or chords written in text format, very often combined with song lyrics...

Easy To Learn.

With some guidance and practice you can learn to use, write and play tablature and chords within just a few days.

It's a fun and adventurous way to experience music. Discover this exiting and easy way to play songs in a different way...


The advantages of using the tablature format instead of standard notation are:

  • Can be written/read anywhere without any special software
  • They will always be a lot earlier on the web than the sheet music
  • They use a minimum of diskspace
  • They use little screen space
  • They allow the writer to use comments etc., instead of necessarily having to write accurate standard sheet music


The disadvantages of using the tab format instead of standard notation are:

  • Not very easy to play along with, until you learn the songs by heart
  • They sometimes are longwinded to write, but it's up to the writer how detailed the tab is..

How to Read Piano Tabs

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Piano Strings

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