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Welcome to best piano lessons. This site will give you step by step piano lessons to learn piano by yourself. These lessons does not assume any piano knowledge. Best piano lessons will first give you introduction to learning how to play the piano, read basic notes, and learn basic rhythm and then will take up some intermediate piano lessons. Please note that this site is created for piano beginners and this should be taken as starting point for piano learning, but by no means use this as your sole source of learning piano. If you are realy searious about piano lessons, I would highly recommend you buying lessons from . They include piano lessons, video lessons and many piano learning games. Really worth trying.
  1. Piano Lesson 1: Introduction to Piano
  2. Piano Lesson 2: Basic Rhythm
  3. Piano Lesson 3: Intermediate Rhythm
  4. Piano Lesson 4: Piano Notes
  5. Piano Lesson 5: The C Major Scale on Piano
  6. Piano Lesson 6: Your First Piano Song
  7. Piano Lesson 7: Accidentals and Key Signatures
  8. Piano Lesson 8: Piano Scales
  9. Piano Lesson 9: Shifting
  10. Piano Lesson 10: Details on Lengths and Rests
  11. Piano Lesson 11: Song - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  12. Piano Lesson 12: All About Time Signatures
  13. Piano Lesson 13: Song - A Revised Mary Had a Little Lamb
  14. Piano Lesson 14: Song - The Saints
  15. Piano Lesson 15: Song - A Christmas Carol
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  1. - Text, audio and video piano lessons.

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